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Co-financed projects

At PERFINOX, we believe in the power of partnerships and the strength that comes from working together towards a common goal. Our co-financed projects embody this belief, demonstrating the positive outcomes that can be achieved when resources are pooled, knowledge is shared, and expertise is combined.

Here, you will find a curated list of our co-financed projects, each representing our commitment to innovation, social progress, and sustainable development. These projects have been carefully selected and executed with the aim of addressing critical challenges and making a positive difference in the world around us.

INDIVIDUAL PROJECTS - Internationalisation

Internationalisation of the “Perfitech” brand, with the main objective of promoting and disseminating the company’s new range of products in new foreign markets through new marketing and organizational tools.

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Internationalisation of SME's


The main objective of this project is to empower PERFINOX with tools to strengthen its positioning in international markets, deepening its knowledge of these markets and exploring new ones. In order to achieve this goal, the company is planning to participate in international trade fairs such as “Anuga Foodtec” in Germany, “Foodex2021” in the United Kingdom, and “Barcelona FoodTech” in Spain. Additionally, prospecting and presence activities will be carried out in international markets including Germany, Angola, Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Chile, Croatia, Slovenia, Spain, the United States, France, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, and Sweden. On the other hand, the company aims to implement international marketing actions through the creation of promotional materials and a promotional video. Lastly, a new organizational method will be introduced in commercial practices and external relations by hiring two qualified technicians at level VI for the development of this project. The company hopes to start exporting to 15 new markets as a result of these efforts.


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PERFINOX's Expansion

This project aims at the international expansion of PERFINOX, based on distinctive and innovative solutions for the Food Industry, allowing the company to position itself as a reference player in its sector. This will be achieved through an increase in installed production capacity and the establishment of a Research and Testing Area.


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Productive Innovation - in low density territories

Production of more equipment with better quality and higher added value at lower unit costs; Strong international recognition for providing customized solutions to customers, meeting deadlines, and maintaining excellence in quality; Automation of all tasks that are susceptible to automation in the production process; Significantly increase production and energy efficiency by redesigning the layout and introducing advanced technology; Increase productivity by providing greater and improved capacity in the production process through layout redesign; Expansion of facilities to improve production conditions. Construction of a new covered area of 2,200m2, doubling the production area to 4,400m2; The expansion of production areas allows for the possibility of arranging production in a continuous and sequential U-line and accommodating the necessary machines for modifying the production process and increasing capacity; Creation of individualized and rationalized job positions for the primary task of manual welding in equipment construction and quality and durability assessment, reducing the risk of accidents and improving productivity and quality of this work; In addition to ensuring the safety of these tasks, it is important to note that they will be performed in less than 50% of the time previously required, with a higher degree of certainty in the final output; Establishment of a research and development department with qualified employees in this field of expertise, enabling continuous improvement and the achievement of the First Time True objective, aligning the entire production process to meet customer satisfaction through the provision of an optimized unique solution; The company’s growth strategy and focus on international markets can only be achieved through an increase in the capacity of the existing establishment; The company’s strategy is to establish itself in the market by offering excellent products at a competitive price, with the medium-term goal of working with major companies in the sector to position itself as a certified supplier to leading companies in the international industry; The proposed investment plan will ensure the start of production activities for which the company was created, confidently achieving the defined level of turnover, EBITDA, and GVA (Gross Value Added), as well as obtaining a significant set of impacts on the overall productivity of the company with relevant effects on operating costs; Maximize the potential of the new equipment and infrastructure to increase the chances of achieving a solid and sustainable turnover and increase the company’s profitability.


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PRR - The Recovery and Resilience Plan


Agenda: Agenda VIIAFOOD – Valuation, Industrialization, and Commercial Innovation Plataform for to Agri-Food (n.º C644929456-00000040)

Consortium Leader: MC SHARED SERVICES S.A.

No. of Consortium Entities: 49 beneficiary entities

Description: Agenda VIIAFOOD, a project supported under the PRR (www.recuperarportugal.gov.pt), aims to promote the structural transformation of the Agri-Food sector in line with the purpose established in the Pact for Competitiveness and Internationalization of this national sector. For this purpose, the VIIAFOOD Agenda intends to create a national platform for the development and industrialization of innovative products, processes and services, materializing in a concerted strategic plan, with joint measures and actions oriented to the transversal objectives of the Sector. Indeed, the Agenda VIIAFOOD intends to reinforce collaboration between companies in the agri-food industry, companies in other related industries and Research & Development entities to leverage the creation of synergies and the transfer of knowledge and technologies in order to (re)industrialize the Sector Portuguese Agri-Food.

Total Eligible Investment*: € 113.739.250,88

Total Financial Support*: € 57.872.203,29



Entity Investiment: EUR 5.289.089,74

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*for the Agenda as a whole


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