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Clean-in-Place SYSTEM

on request

Clean-in-Place SYSTEM

on request

Looking at the overall process specifications, cleaning procedures and quality & safety requirements, our engineering team works on the project concept, using their expertise and knowledge to develop smart and efficient systems, either for Clean-in-Place (CIP) or Sterilize-in-Place (SIP), or even including product recovery systems (PIG). 

These important considerations have been proven to reduce CIP costs and improve process times and equipment availability, whilst resulting in virtually no product loss. 

The solutions provided are engineered to use our concept, machines and technologies.


The CIP (Clean-In-Place) Cleaning System is a cleaning method of the inner surfaces of pipes, tanks, processing equipment and their respective accessories, without the need for disassembly. The washing process consists of several washing cycles, whose recirculation is done via tanks, pumps and valves.


Operating cost reduction

Increases in equipment availability for processing times

Waste water reducing down line

Quick return on investment

Efficiency improvement and cycle time reduction

Disinfectant consumption reduction

Modular integration of this system with others

Execution and control via internet, pda or tactile screen

Maximum control and very significant environmental cost reduction


stay informed about our PERFIPROCESS range

stay informed about our PERFIPROCESS range

PIG System

Originally, the PIG systems were used, mainly in the Oil and Gas Industries. They were used to recover high value products, as well as to clean the entire production line. 

The projectile made a sound similar to a pig’s squeal, hence the name “PIG”. The “Pigging” as a productive process refers to when a PIG is inserted in the tubing with the purpose of cleaning and/or recovering product. Later, and to maintain the original designation, the PIG initials started being described as “Pipeline Inspection Gadget”. 

Nowadays, PIG systems are used in the Food & Beverage and Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics industries for exactly the same purpose.

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