This week at PERFINOX, we had the pleasure of hosting the RAIMABER FLUID TECH SL team, our esteemed official Spanish agent. 🇪🇸✨ Spent two days soaking up knowledge, tossing around ideas, and cooking up some cool stuff at the PERFIPROCESS Technology Center. 🚀💡 A special thanks to the entire RAIMABER FLUID TECH SL team for their dedication and enthusiasm throughout this […]

Visit of Tunisian delegation strengthens biotechnology collaboration between PERFINOX and Universidade Católica Portuguesa

On Thursday, July 13th, PERFINOX had the privilege of hosting a distinguished delegation of professors and researchers from Tunisia. This visit was made possible through the collaborative efforts of PERFINOX and the Escola Superior de Biotecnologia da Universidade Católica Portuguesa, as part of the Biotech Tunisia project.  The Biotech Tunisia project aims to promote the […]

​PERFIPROCESS Technology Center | from scratch to batch

This week was ended with one intensive day testing the PERFICOOKER Fry tank.  We have conducted trials using the frying and conventional cooking technologies, combined with steam infusion, all by using our PERFICOOKER side driven vessel.  Cleaning is always a major concern and of course there was the automatic cleaning validation by the PERFICLEAN CIP […]