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PERFICOOKER Cooking Unit: Our Solution for Ready Meal Components! 

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PERFICOOKER Cooking Unit: Our Solution for Ready Meal Components! 🍳🥘
🌟 Experience Innovation: Say goodbye to traditional cooking methods. Our state-of-the-art 1-ton unit is here to transform how you prepare finger food fillings and ready meal components, whether they’re meaty delights or veggie wonders!
🔥 Unmatched Performance: The unit is fitted with anchor agitator with scrapers, refractometer, vacuum setup with liquid ring vacuum pump, giving your products that irresistible homemade touch.
⏱️ Time-Saving Techniques: Cook faster than ever! With the option to use steam jackets or OAL steam infusion for rapid cooking, you’ll achieve exceptional results.
🔄 Customized Excellence: Our unit comes with a top-notch circumferential piston pump, ensuring gentle product handling. Plus, you can personalize your unit with add-ons like a powder dispersing system, high shear homogenizer, and emulsifier to produce your food preparation process precisely.
🧼 Hassle-Free Cleaning: We’ve got hygiene covered! The PERFICOOKER unit arrives as a CIP ready-setup, complete with CIP loop, valves, pump, and software. Effortless and automatic cleaning means more time doing what you love – creating fantastic food products!
🤝 Discover More on Our Website (www.perfinox.pt) 🤝
Get in touch today to revolutionize your kitchen! 💪🍽️ Let’s innovate, let’s excel, and let’s create a sustainable future for the Food Industry together! 🌱

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