PERFINOX | Edible Oil Project

Did you know the olive oil and edible oil you enjoy might have been processed using equipment developed by PERFINOX? 🌿🍳 We recently completed a project in the United States of America, focusing on the processing of edible oil. 🇺🇸 At PERFINOX, we specialize in storage, mixing, and batching solutions. Our intelligent and efficient automatic systems are […]

PERFITHERM Thermal Processor | Pasteurization + Sterilization

PERFITHERM Thermal Processor | Pasteurization + Sterilization 🚀 Get ready for a game-changer in handling high-viscosity products – presenting the PERFIPROCESS solution! Our PERFITHERM Thermal Processor, is stealing the spotlight. 🚀 Specifically crafted to give your products a pasteurization boost, it’s here to ensure your favorites relish the benefits too! The scraped surface heat exchanger offers a wide exchange surface, gentle […]

PERFICOOKER | Stir. Fry. Cook it.

PERFICOOKER | Stir. Fry. Cook it.  Goodbye to traditional cooking methods! Introducing our PERFICOOKER, revolutionizing the preparation of snack fillings and pre-prepared meal components, whether they’re savory meats or delightful vegetarian options. This compact production unit boasts the capability to stir, fry, and cook food products of diverse viscosities and densities, whether they contain suspended […]

Mayonnaise Process

Mayonnaise demands precision, and PERFINOX is the answer. Our all-in-one machine, PERFITECH, seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technologies, revolutionizing the emulsification process. What sets us apart is our ability to craft flawless emulsions while accommodating various particles in your recipe. 💡 We understand the importance of delivering top-notch results. That’s why we are committed to conducting thorough tests to […]

Hot Sauces Process

Are you aware of our processing solutions for dips and salsas? 🍅 Within our scope, several technologies can be combined to create high-throughput kitchens for producing the tastiest and most flavorful dips and salsas for your meals and parties. We deliver homemade quality and textures to your table. 🍽️ Whether plain or with particles or chunks, […]

PME Líder 2023

📢SME Leader 2023 🚀 Excited to share that PERFINOX has been recognised by IAPMEI as an SME Leader 2023! 🌟 This recognition echoes the relentless dedication of our entire team in the journey towards excellence. It solidifies our pledge to uphold high market standards and acquire the tools necessary to keep providing outstanding and ever-innovative services to our valued […]

Gulfood Manufacturing 2023

🌟 Wrapping up an incredible chapter at Gulfood Manufacturing! 🌐 A heartfelt thank you to our amazing visitors and partners for the so interesting days spent in Dubai. Your global feedback means the world to us, and we’re truly grateful for the positive vibes from every corner of the globe! 🌍 🚀 Elevate your Food Industry […]

PERFINOX Gulfood Manufacturing 2023

📢 1 day until the Gulfood Manufacturing starts! 🔥 Join us as we present the PERFITHERM Skid! This cutting-edge unit combines the power of the PERFITHERM Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger model 5 with a state-of-the-art cooling setup, complete with all the necessary controls and regulations. It’s designed to be plug-and-play, ready to revolutionize your operations. ⚙️ With a generous exchange […]


PERFINOX, a leading provider of cutting-edge solutions for the food industry, is proud to announce a strategic partnership with HST Maschinenbau GmbH, a distinguished center of excellence in homogenization technology. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for both companies and is set to reshape the industrial solutions landscape. HST Maschinenbau GmbH, a part of the […]

PERFINOX and PortugalFoods

PERFINOX | Solutions for the Food Industry is thrilled to announce our official membership with PortugalFoods! 🤝🇵🇹 PortugalFoods is an exceptional association, bringing together companies, organizations from the national scientific and technological system, and regional and national entities representing diverse sub-sectors within the Portuguese agri-food industry. This collaboration provides a unique platform for fostering win-win relationships and […]